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Customized Sunglasses & Eyewear Displays

Get Customized Displays for Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

WMP Eyewear offers high quality customized displays to showcase your eyewear to potential customers. All of our displays look great and will save you valuable floor or counter space. Whether you have small or large sized business, you’ll benefit from having eyewear displays which give customers a chance to see a full range of your products, from sunglasses to eyeglasses. Along with our expert eyewear professionals, and our excellent customer service team, we’ll make sure to cater to your every need, giving you the right display for your office or store.

custom sunglasses display design

Why Do You Need Eyewear Displays?

Most business owners need customized displays to help show off their selection of sunglasses and eyeglasses in a special location. If you’re an optometrist, own a department store, or are an eyewear merchandiser then you understand the advantage of having sleek looking displays which successfully promote your products. They build loyalty with your customers, because you are able to show them the right trends at the right time. And they also build sales, because you are able to place the towers and racks in high traffic spots.

We’re Dedicated to Giving You the Best Wholesale Eyewear Service

Starting out as a small family-owned retailer in 2011, WMP Eyewear has grown into a global supplier of wholesale sunglasses, eyeglasses, and customized displays for offices and stores. Even though we’ve seen incredible growth, we’re still true to our roots. We believe in family-driven customer service to make sure you get the best products, delivered on time and at the lowest prices. Our goal is to make sure you become a lifelong customer, making us your go-to for products now and in the future. Since dedication to your needs is our top priority, we’ll always make time to be at your side throughout the process, taking special care to make sure your eyewear displays are perfectly tailored to your specific needs.


100% satisfaction wmp eyewear

What Do We Offer?

We sell a wide range of towers, racks, and stands for displaying eyewear. We have both modern looking and more traditional  designs in stock. And some of our displays have small mirrors so that customers can view their eyeglasses or sunglasses on the spot, giving them a chance to see if they have the right style and fit. You can choose from the following types of displays: countertop, floor standing, rotating, and double-sided fixture. We have many different types, so feel free to ask us what you need. We’re eyewear professionals and can offer you expert advice on the best eyewear display for your office or store.



Why WMP Eyewear for Customized Sunglasses Displays?

We always strive to do things the right way for you, from the affordable wholesale eyewear we offer, to the look and feel of your customized displays for sunglasses and eyeglasses. Our goal is to make sure your products look ready to sell with the right display for your office or store. If you’re an optometrist, your patients can browse through racks of well-presented eyewear while they wait. If you own a store, you can use stands to showcase sunglasses near your other summertime accessories, getting extra sales from impulse buyers. And if you’re an eyewear merchandiser, you’ll benefit by saving floor and countertop space by using our specialty double-sided, rotating fixtures. We thoroughly understand the eyewear business and know how to help you find the right eyewear displays for your specific products.



Find Perfect Eyewear Displays Right Here!

At WMP Eyewear, we’re ready to provide you with customized displays for your selection of sunglasses and eyeglasses. We offer the best quality stands, towers, and racks at affordable prices. And we’re here to help you find exactly what you need with personalized service from our expert team of eyewear professionals.   


Contact us by phone or email if you have any questions.